Timothy's (second) World!

Welcome to Timothy's second world (in reference to my previously unfinished website, World Of Timoth.) This site will contain a variety of many different things, but is currently a work-in-progress.
All links are tests and only lead to Google for now.
I wanna duel 'em like they do in Yu-Gi-Oh,Face down face up trap cards spell cards then time roulette go (I love it!)All I do is just believe in the heart of the cards,And then I kick some butt when I use Swordsman of Landstar!O, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-ohh-oh-oh Ain't no surprise,check out my Red Eyes. Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, ohh-oh-ohh-oh-oh,Ain't no surprise, check out my Red Eyes. Can't beat my,Can't beat my,No they can't beat my Brooklyn Rage!(I don't wanna be a furry),Can't beat my,Can't beat my,No they can't beat my Brooklyn Rage!(I don't wanna be a furry) Bruh-bruh-bruh-Brooklyn Rage, bruh-bruh-Brooklyn Rage,Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh,Bruh-bruh-bruh-Brooklyn Rage, bruh-bru,-Brooklyn Rage,Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh.

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Weird internet shit

And (hopefully) much more..
Short updates!! 12-11-21:Site created.
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Currently listening to: Lamp, Delays, Daft Punk, UNCHAIN, BUCK-TICK
Currently doing: Writing, school work, browsing the internet, making websites, and sleeping in.
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12-11-21: Added header,link tiltes,gifs,images,music,updates section, and 'currents'.
This is another test
This is a test