Timothy's (second) World!

Welcome to Timothy's second world! This site will contain a variety of many different things, but is currently a work-in-progress.
All links are tests and only lead to Google for now, with the exception of 'about', 'blog', and 'media'.
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The funny videos section

Timothy's 'currents':
Currently watching: M*A*S*H, Paranoia Agent, Will & Grace, X Files
Currently reading: Discworld, Devilman,Death Note, Lord Of The Flies, Monogatari Series, Flowers for Algernon, A Boy's Own Story
Currently listening to: Lamp, Delays, Daft Punk, UNCHAIN, BUCK-TICK
Currently doing: Writing, school work, browsing the internet, making websites,
and sleeping in.

Larger updates
12-11-21: Added header,link tiltes,gifs,images,music,updates section,
and 'currents'.
12-12-21:Redid layout entirely. Removed a lot of things.
12-14-21: Added guestbook, added more gifs, updated text sections, added new videos

12-15-21: Added blinkies, buttons, and stamps; Created 'blogspace'
12-17-21: Added 'media' section.

Timothy's recently finished/started:
Finished:Ichi The Killer, Jojo Rabbit
Started:Bing Bang Love,Juvenile A
Cemetary Man

Now playing:Touch-Daft Punk
(Click the small icon to play)

Other song recs:
Vena Cava-Angelspit
Je Veux Te Voir-Yelle
Both volues of Love & Groove
Paranoia Agent OST
Ichi The KillerOST
All of MachigeritaP'smusic
Losstime Memory-JIN (reccomend the
Mekakucity Actors version)
Such Horrible Things
-Creature Feature